Thank You, Trelleborg!

15259443_10154592825061335_5308423112593066524_oI am taking a break from my series on lean to acknowledge my five-year workplace anniversary today.

With a background in the oilfields and a bachelor of arts in political science, Trelleborg hired me  at a time when unemployment for my demographic was in the double-digits (and underemployment much higher). Since being hired, I’ve been an inside sales representative, account manager, inside sales manager, and my current role as business process engineer. Lots of change in a short amount of time.

So, thanks Trelleborg:

For hiring me.
For a consistent paycheck that’s provided for my family
For being the first job to give me paid vacation and real benefits.
For helping me balance the demands of career and family (especially fatherhood)
For presenting opportunities to learn.
For the chance to participate in leadership development programs.
For providing tuition reimbursement for my MBA.
For leaders who’ve treated me with respect (no matter my title)
For the chance to make a difference on key projects.
For travel that’s taken me across the world.
For bosses who motivated and challenged me.
For friends I’ve made across the organization.
For experiences I never would have had.
For opportunities to advance and increase my value.
For developing my skills and potential.
For constant evolution and change.
For challenging work.
And a brilliant team.

I will always remain profoundly grateful to Trelleborg, its leaders, and my managers. I have been extremely lucky.

Thanks, Trelleborg!

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