Trump Shakes Up Administration by Firing Himself


WASHINGTON — In a move intended to rejuvenate an administration that has struggled to advance major policy initiatives, President Trump signaled today that he will be firing himself.

“I’ve done a great job and am a great guy, but I’ve decided to move in a new direction. This is going to be Big League” Trump told reporters gathered in the West Wing.

When pressed as to why this change is coming so shortly after firing Reince Priebus, Trump simply responded:

“Look, it’s time to start winning again. I haven’t been able to stay on message. I’ve become one of those all-talk, no action politicians. It’s time for someone with more energy to fight to Make America Great Again.”

Ah, fake news. Got to love it.

No, Trump’s not firing himself. But he should.

If you consider President Trump’s tumultuous campaign and young presidency, the number of people that he’s burned through is astounding. Anytime things go wrong, he pulls the trigger. And, boom, his staff gets shaken up. Last spring-summer the drama was between Lewandowski and Manafort. Manafort prevailed but was canned himself a few months later. Then, there was the drama between Kushner and Bannon. Bannon was demoted (not fired, yay). It’s been a near constant revolving door at the highest levels of the Trump administration.

Here’s a few of the people Trump has fired or pressured out (there’s more–this list is hardly exhaustive):

Corey Lewandowski
Roger Stone
Paul Manafort
Chris Christie
Michael Flynn
James Comey
Reince Priebus
Sean Spicer
Jeff Sessions*

Trump’s tweets, his bombastic rhetoric, the complete failure of any sort of legislative strategy, the collusion-with-Russia allegations, his inability negotiate the deals he was so famous for, and more are all directly his fault and responsibility. The biggest obstacle for Trump’s success as President is, in fact, Trump himself.

While this may be painfully obvious to the rest of the world, Trump appears to be completely oblivious. Instead, he chooses to fire and clean house time and time again when things start going poorly. He kicks, whines, screams like a child, and fires off a few reckless tweets.

And to think this is the man who controls the nuclear codes…

One of the best parts of watching Donald Trump as President is that the rest of the world is getting a masterclass in leadership by showing everyone precisely how not to lead. His complete failure to take responsibility for his struggling administration is just a continuation of his masterclass. He blames everyone and everything but himself.

It’s always everyone else’s fault. Because in Donald Trump’s world, he doesn’t make mistakes. He keeps pressing forward. Therefore, if his administration has made mistakes, it must be somebody else’s fault. And so he quickly scans the room and selects his scapegoat. Today, his scapegoat is Reince Priebus. Tomorrow, it will be Jeff Sessions. A few months from now it will be Anthony Scaramucci (a man who clawed his way to the top and, I suspect, will soon be massively disappointed with that which he’s worked so hard to gain). This revolving door will continue on and on for the remainder of his presidency (be it in 3+ years or sooner).

At some point if you’re Donald Trump you’ve got to look yourself in the mirror and say, “You’re fired!”

In a sense Donald Trump is just an amplified version of the more vice-filled parts of human nature. His anger, pride, and outbursts are probably things we’ve all experienced and felt in smaller scales and on smaller stages. His failure to accept personal responsibility for his administration’s mistakes is just one more example where Donald Trump is a bit like each of us. We may not do it so obviously or overtly, but we often shift blame towards others. We blame our failures on situations and processes and obstacles and people and places and things.

Rather than do the painful work of fixing the man in the mirror, we buy a new mirror.

Everyone wants change but no one wants to change. And, more importantly, no one wants to admit that they need to change. It’s much easier to find an excuse and a scapegoat. It’s thus that there’s a little, angry orange Donald Trump inside each of us. And he kicks and screams and yells and wants to fire people when he doesn’t get what he wants.

And it’s time we all said to our little inner Donald Trump: “You’re fired.”

*Sessions hasn’t been fired yet but has been pressured enormously to resign and thus makes the list.

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