Hello World:

Welcome to my blog. The primary purpose of this blog is to document and share my thoughts on the topics of business, culture, and work. 

A bit about myself: I am a 26-year-old husband and father. My wife Sarah and son Isaiah are the absolute delights of my life. As such, they will likely make their way into future posts.

When I graduated from college in 2012 with a BA in political science, I applied to dozens of jobs. Never receiving even the potential to interview, I decided to pack up my car, head out west, and I journeyed to the great state of North Dakota. I spent the next 10 months working manual labor in the oilfields, working initially on a pipeline crew, then doing flow testing, and spending my last few months as a lease operator. These 10 months were difficult, challenging, and highly formative in my development.

I then applied and was hired for a large manufacturing company, where I still work to this day. I have been extremely lucky to have landed an excellent job for an excellent company and to have had three different promotions within the 3.5 years I’ve been with the company. Some of this is due to luck, much of it was due leaders who had my back, and a slight bit was due to my personal work ethic and innovation on the job.

My personal hobbies include reading nonfiction books, cycling, playing board games, making my son laugh, and chasing my wife around our apartment.

I’m looking forward to our blogging adventure together and, hopefully, I will stick with this. But like any true millennial, I may get bored and find a new interest. Only time will tell.

Best regards,

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